Athena (11 years old) and Stella (9 years old)

Introducing my daughters to this incredible program was a decision that felt completely natural and effortless. The belief that we possess a deeper essence than what we are traditionally taught has always resonated with me.

Having been friends with Cristina for over a decade, I was well aware of her role as a light worker and healer. Prior to this, my daughters had already experienced sessions with Cristina, exploring how to express their emotions and delve into a realm beyond our everyday reality through art. Their ability to visually portray what they perceived was truly remarkable.

It was during this time that Cristina introduced me to the ICU Program, and it felt like perfect timing, as if the universe had aligned everything just right, as synchronicity often does.

The ten sessions commenced in March 2019, and I was astounded by how rapidly both my daughters, Athena (11 years old) and Stella (9 years old), embraced their inner light. Throughout each one-hour session, they wore blindfolds, unable to rely on their physical sight.

The experience was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Witnessing my daughters tap into their innate abilities and work with their inner light was a truly transformative journey for all of us.

From the very first session, the remarkable progress my daughters made was evident:

  • Athena demonstrated an exceptional ability to perceive images from a book and discern colors effortlessly.

  • Stella, on the other hand, showed a strong inclination towards developing her aptitude for recognizing numbers and letters.

What made this experience truly extraordinary was that all of this occurred without relying on their physical sight. Instead, while they were blindfolded, Cristina guided them in utilizing their Light/Spirit as their primary source of perception.

In the subsequent two sessions, the progress was even more astonishing:

  • Athena advanced to a point where she could vividly describe images with intricate detail.

  • Stella, growing more confident in harnessing her light, displayed an improved ability to perceive images while blindfolded.

Cristina expressed great satisfaction with their remarkable development, and I, in turn, was left utterly astounded by the leaps and bounds my daughters had made.

As we continued practicing at home, as part of their assigned homework, Stella mentioned experiencing a slight itching sensation around her eyes and face when summoning forth her inner light. Cristina assured us that this was a common occurrence during the initial stages of pushing the boundaries of one's light.

Sharing their newfound abilities with family and friends proved to be a peculiar experience. Some individuals were simply shocked, while others were amazed. Even those who witnessed the phenomena firsthand struggled to accept it within the confines of their logical minds. This served as a stark reminder of how closed-minded some of us could be when confronted with concepts outside the norm. I couldn't help but feel a tinge of disappointment at this realization.

Regrettably, some of the responses from others began to affect my daughters' confidence in their newly acquired skill. They became hesitant about displaying their special abilities outside of the sessions, believing that the energy and comfort they felt with Cristina were essential for their success. They even said, “the energy is different”. Cristina explained that this sense of ease stemmed from her ability to create a safe space for them to be their authentic selves, coupled with the energy work she facilitated during their sessions.

Understanding their sentiments all too well, as I had encountered similar attitudes when discussing unconventional matters with friends, I empathized with my daughters' desire to keep their abilities somewhat guarded.

Nevertheless, despite encountering skepticism, both Athena and Stella thrived in their extracurricular activities, particularly those of a physical nature. Each of them grew increasingly self-assured in expressing their creativity, both within and outside of school.

Their journey of self-discovery and embracing their unique gifts has been a testament to their resilience and determination, and I couldn't be prouder of their growth and accomplishments.

Continuing with the fourth and fifth sessions, remarkable developments unfolded:

  • Athena's confidence soared, prompting her to open up to Cristina about her other abilities.

  • Stella's excitement grew as she enthusiastically tackled blindfolded puzzles.

Each session involved an immersive imagery healing discussion guided by Cristina. During these sessions, she prompted my daughters to visualize a specific object and construct a detailed story around it, exploring their emotions in connection with the imagery.

Cristina's joy at witnessing my daughters' progress was palpable, and she remained a constant source of encouragement and empowerment for them. Her valuable feedback after each session extended beyond their newfound abilities, encompassing insights into their life perspectives and the positive transformations they experienced. The healing aspect, which the girls thoroughly enjoyed, added an element of fun and creativity to their sessions.

The combination of skill development and healing work provided a holistic experience for my daughters. It not only enhanced their abilities but also positively influenced their overall outlook on life. The impact of these sessions extended far beyond the immediate skillset, fostering personal growth and a renewed sense of self for both Athena and Stella.

The progress I had the privilege of witnessing in my daughters' journeys was truly astounding. The exploration of readings, colors, numbers, letters, puzzles, crystals, and coloring continued to captivate them as Cristina introduced exciting new activities to maintain the element of fun, such as playing cards and engaging in coloring exercises.

What amazed me even more was the impact their progress had beyond the confines of the ICU program. Their growth was evident not only in completing the program's homework alongside them but also in their performance at school and their interactions with everyone around them.

During the latter part of the program and in the subsequent months, I was pleasantly surprised by the further development in my daughters:

  • Athena opened up and confidently shared her other psychic and mediumistic abilities.

  • Stella discovered a newfound love for astral projection.

It was during this time that my girls revealed to me that they were actively practicing these abilities with Cristina's guidance. Cristina emphasized that we are all inherently born with these abilities; we just need to remember how to utilize them. Cristina's unwavering support and empowerment served as a driving force for my daughters as they continued to embrace and harness their unique gifts.

The combination of Cristina's encouragement, their own determination, and the transformative experiences within the program enabled my daughters to unlock their inherent potential. Their growth extended far beyond the boundaries of the sessions, permeating every aspect of their lives. I remain grateful for the incredible journey they embarked upon, and I am confident that they will continue to flourish in their ongoing exploration of their extraordinary abilities.

Cristina, being an empath herself, possessed a profound understanding of my daughters' feelings and emotions. This enabled her not only to guide them as a teacher but also to connect with their innermost needs on a deep level.

The unfolding of this journey was truly remarkable to witness. However, it did not come as a surprise to me, as children naturally possess open minds that make them receptive to this kind of exploration. The timing was perfect for introducing these abilities to them.

I could sense and see the radiant glow of Athena's and Stella's spiritual selves. It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Overall, my assessment of this experience is overwhelmingly positive. I want to emphasize that my daughters’ personalities have not changed; rather, this journey has enhanced their being. They are now so much more aware of their own abilities and the world around them.

This process of self-discovery and growth has not only nurtured their spiritual selves but also enriched their overall development. I am grateful for the transformation I have witnessed in my daughters and the profound impact it has had on their lives.

The development I witnessed in my daughters was truly amazing:

  • They gained mental focus, clarity, and a deeper understanding, leading to easier and more enjoyable learning experiences. Their academic grades improved as their concentration sharpened.

  • Their self-confidence soared, creating a fertile ground for their creativity to flourish.

  • Stella's social skills blossomed as she overcame shyness and insecurity, becoming more outgoing and expressive.

  • Athena embraced her psychic gifts, tapping into her innate abilities with confidence and acceptance.

  • Their physical coordination and agility showed remarkable improvement as they confronted and conquered their fears.

  • They learned to manage stress and anxiety in a much more relaxed manner.

These transformations not only impacted my daughters individually but also brought profound positive changes to our entire family. It opened our eyes to our own spiritual abilities and the power we possess to shape the lives we desire. We all became even more aware of the vast potential within us.

As we embark, each in our own unique way, into a future filled with healing and love, Cristina's role as an exceptional teacher cannot be overstated. She imparts her knowledge and skills from the depths of her heart, humbly utilizing her abundant abilities that I personally witnessed to help not only the children but everyone around her. Through compassionate understanding, she naturally empowers the children and everyone she encounters.

To parents considering these sessions for their children, I wholeheartedly recommend taking the leap. Each child will have their own unique experience, which may manifest quickly or require several sessions. However, the experience is undoubtedly an investment in the child's future and spiritual journey towards happiness and contentment. The rewards are immeasurable, fostering personal growth, self-discovery, and a profound connection to one's inner essence.