About Cristina ...

From an early age, I sensed a profound truth beyond the limits of our five senses, understanding that reality held much more than met the eye. As an empath, I effortlessly connected with the emotions and truths of others, solidifying my belief in the existence of a greater reality. This inner knowing drove me to explore esoteric knowledge and mystical practices, each experience reinforcing my commitment to this path of self-discovery.
Driven by the desire to uncover my true self, I embarked on a journey of learning, integration through personal experience, embracing a diverse array of techniques and modalities. These transformative practices not only helped me remember and connect with my authentic essence but also enabled me to assist others in their own journey of self-realization. I discovered that true happiness lies in living a life aligned with the desires of our hearts.
Two decades ago, I began consciously manifesting my desires, receiving undeniable confirmation of our extraordinary capabilities, contrary to societal limitations. The Silva Method introduced me to the incredible power we possess to manifest our desires, paving the way for instantaneous healings and revealing the immense potential within us.
Guided by the love in my heart and a desire to share it with the world, I expressed myself through the language of the soul in my art. In a magnificent synchronicity orchestrated by the Universe, my paintings were showcased in two major exhibitions, opening doors for me to teach children how to connect with their own creative essence. A heartwarming moment occurred when a child, upon asking what we would do during that class, was met with the response, "Whatever you want." The pure surprise and happiness that filled the child's expression will forever resonate within me—a testament to the liberation found in releasing imposed limitations.
Through past life experiences, I gained profound insights into aspects of myself in this present lifetime, unraveling the reasons for my current existence. I am driven to remember my true self, explore the depths of my being, and assist others on their transformative journeys.
Upon completing the Awakening of the Illuminated Heart and activating my Merkaba, I learned to listen to the language of pure love emanating from my heart and feel its resonant vibrations. Trusting the guidance of my heart has become the cornerstone of my life, a profound shift that evoked an attitude of gratitude within me. I discovered that awakening is not a singular event but rather an ongoing, natural process, revealed through marvelous experiences that guide us to remember our authentic selves.
Recognizing that part of my purpose is to help young souls transcend the limitations and fears imposed upon them, I was inspired by my daughter's presence in my life to offer a gift—a lasting treasure that would enable her to live the life she truly desires, immune to the whims of the external world. Children represent our future, and it is our responsibility to empower them to bring forth the light within their hearts and share it with humanity. Teaching ICU (Inspiring Children Universally) has allowed me to witness the transformation of fear and limiting beliefs into trust in their inherent and suppressed abilities. This empowering tool not only benefits the young people themselves but also radiates to their parents and everyone around them.
Along my path, the profound spiritual experiences I encountered during my Reconnective Healing training and Personal Reconnection transcended mere physical healing. They opened the gateways to astral projection, time travel, inter-dimensional communication, and remote viewing, encouraging me to fully embrace and trust my intuitive, psychic, and mediumistic abilities. Ultimately, these experiences led me to a state of profound wholeness.
In the realm of understanding, the value lies not solely in comprehending countless concepts at a mental level, but rather in the personal and effortless experiences that harmonize our entire being with the vastness of the Universe. Unconditional love and infinite connection transcend mere words, requiring firsthand experiences to truly integrate their magnitude.
My life purpose, intuitively revealed to me early on and reaffirmed by Numerology, now makes complete sense. I have found happiness in every experience, and my heart compels me to assist others in living lives that align with the yearnings of their souls. As a psychic medium, I humbly and nonjudgmentally connect with the essence of the soul.
In my holistic practice, I seamlessly integrate Psychic, Intuitive, and Mediumistic abilities, alongside Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic programming (NLP), Reconnective Healing, Age Regression, Past Life Regression, Future Life Progression, Inspiring Children Universally (ICU), and Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) training for youths. Above all, I surrender to the universal wisdom residing within my heart, allowing intuition to guide me without judgment.
Moreover, I ponder if a connection exists between dwelling in the realm of heart consciousness and manifesting, without conscious intention, a pulsating energy field resembling a "second beating heart" within the body. While not physically tangible, this energetic presence endures for days, leaving me to contemplate the profound mysteries that lie at the intersection of our being and the boundless Universe.