What is Regression?

Regression is a profound tool that allows us to tap into the inherent wisdom within us, often referred to as The Higher Self or The Soul itself. When we come to Earth in human form, we tend to forget our past lives and our deep connection to our soul and the divine source. Regression helps individuals connect with their Soul, and a realm that transcends the conscious mind. The Soul represents the essence of who we truly are and remains in constant connection with the Source or God, possessing boundless knowledge and the ability to heal our physical bodies limitlessly.

In some cases, mental and physical conditions can be traced back to traumas from past lives, while in others, they may be linked to lessons being learned in the present lifetime. Our Soul already holds the understanding of the underlying causes, and through regression, we can access this profound knowing. The Soul stands ready to support and guide us based on the specific lessons our souls are meant to learn in this lifetime. This holistic approach recognizes that our Soul holds infinite knowledge, offering us the healing, insights, and assistance we need on our unique soul journey.

Regression, in the context of psychology and therapy, refers to a therapeutic technique or process that aims to explore and address past experiences, memories, or unresolved issues that may be influencing an individual's current thoughts, emotions, or behaviors. It involves going back in time, often to early childhood or significant events, to gain insight, understanding, and resolution.

The purpose of regression is to bring to awareness and process any unresolved emotions, traumas, or patterns that may still impact an individual's present well-being. By revisiting and working through these experiences in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment, individuals can gain insights, release emotional blockages, and promote healing and personal growth.

Regression may be utilized to address a variety of issues, such as anxiety, phobias, trauma, relationship difficulties, self-limiting beliefs, and emotional wounds. The process can help individuals uncover underlying causes of their current challenges, patterns, or conflicts, leading to greater self-awareness, healing, and positive change.

What is Future Life Progression?

•Future Life Progression (FLP) is a metaphysical technique that involves exploring and experiencing potential future scenarios and events. While regression techniques focus on accessing past memories, FLP aims to tap into the realm of possibilities and potential outcomes that lie ahead.

•During a Future Life Progression session, a trained practitioner or therapist guides individuals into a relaxed state or altered state of consciousness. From this state, they help individuals envision and explore potential future paths and events. The focus can range from personal life choices and relationships to career paths, health, and spiritual development.

•The purpose of Future Life Progression is not to predict or guarantee a specific future outcome, but rather to provide insights, guidance, and perspectives on the potential paths and choices that lie ahead. It can offer individuals a glimpse into different future scenarios, empowering them to make more informed decisions in their present lives.

Here are some aspects commonly addressed in a Future Life Progression session:

1.Personal Life: FLP can explore various aspects of an individual's personal life, including relationships, family, home, and personal goals. It can provide insights into potential future developments and assist individuals in making choices aligned with their values and desires.

2.Career and Finances: FLP can offer glimpses into possible future career paths, business ventures, financial opportunities, and professional growth. It can help individuals gain clarity on their career choices and make informed decisions to support their financial well-being.

3.Health and Well-being: FLP can provide insights into potential future health conditions, lifestyle choices, and well-being practices. It can assist individuals in making choices that contribute to their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

4.Spiritual Growth: FLP can offer insights into an individual's spiritual development and the potential paths for their spiritual journey. It may provide guidance on connecting with higher states of consciousness, exploring intuitive abilities, and deepening their spiritual practices.

It's important to approach Future Life Progression with an open and exploratory mindset, understanding that the future is influenced by many factors, including free will, choices, and unforeseen circumstances. The purpose is not to get fixed predictions but to gain insights, inspiration, and a broader perspective on potential future paths.

DISCLAIMER: Age and past life regression and future life progression are metaphysical practices that explore potential past and future experiences. It is important to understand that these techniques are based on personal interpretation and belief systems, and their outcomes cannot be scientifically verified. The information obtained through regression or progression sessions should be considered subjective and open to individual interpretation. These practices should be approached with an open mind, for personal exploration and entertainment purposes, and should not replace professional advice or decisions based on sound judgment and critical thinking

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